Move beyond your past - Trauma

Trauma may be an event, or on-going experiences that make you doubt the way you trust yourself, and your world. Trauma may have happened in childhood, or in our adult life.

Trauma may be something that happened to you, like divorce, illness, an accident, abuse, or the loss of a loved one. Trauma may be extreme experiences of war, torture, or rape. It may be something you witnessed or were exposed to. 

In Post-Trauma we may re-live the experience, even years later, as if it is happening now. These may be our attempt to make sense of what happened, and figure how to integrate that into our view of our life. We might try our best to avoid these experiences, by limiting exposure to things that may trigger this. In this process, we avoid and limit our life in bigger and more intrusive ways.

Living with trauma, you may not be aware of how life can be more joyful. You may notice that your life feels dull. You might notice that you have a hard time being in relationships with others in the way you want to. You may experience anger, and defensiveness. 

Sometimes trauma is expressed in a sensation of disconnection to our body; other times the body expresses the trauma through chronic pain.

If you have experienced traumatic events, and feel you are having difficulty moving beyond the pain from these times, we can help.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an effective and evidence based method to assist with past trauma. 

Therapist that can support you

Agnes Chmielewska LMFTA teens and relationships therapy and counseling

Agnes Chmielewska LMFTA

Agnes Chmielewska LMFTA

Agnes Chmielewska LMFTA

Amanda M. Caps, LMHCA counseling psychotherapy teen anxiety trauma

Amanda M. Caps, LMHCA

Agnes Chmielewska LMFTA

Agnes Chmielewska LMFTA

Breanna Carosio LMHCA teens and relationships therapy and counseling

Breanna Carosio, LMHCA

Agnes Chmielewska LMFTA

Breanna Carosio, LMHCA

Dafna Chen LMHC CDP NCC Trauma addiction substance use counseling sex and intimate relationships

Dafna Chen, LMHC, SUDP, NCC

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