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Teen psychotherapy Adolescence therapy and counseling

Teens are dealing with many changes. 

They live in time of constant transitions.  Their body changes rapidly, they feel anxious and pressured to preform academically, to figure out where they feel they belong socially, and deal with challenges to their relationships with their families. Teens today are dealing with much more anxiety then ever. They feel overwhelmed and at times hopeless. 

We offer a listening ear and help exploring with them, who they are, and what future they may start see.

Therapists that can help

Amanda M Caps, LMHCA

Amanda Caps psychotherapy for teens, counseling for adolescence family therapy

Stephanie Lambing, LMHCA, NCC

Stephanie Lambing LMHCA, NCC
Art therapy EMDR DBT

Mary Donovan, LMFT

Mary Donovan family therapy teens counseling

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