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Breanna Carosio, LMHCA 
Teens and intimate partners therapy and counseling

Breanna Carosio, LMHCA

 I am a psychotherapist for teens, adults, and couples that combines mindfulness-based transpersonal counseling with CBT+, DBT, and other client-centered modalities. I customize my work with you to meet you wherever you are in your journey of healing. It is my goal to cultivate therapeutic relationships that provide you with safe and accepting space to grow.
I have experience working with teens, adults, families, and those affected by intimate partner violence. I have run groups for teens such as DBT Skills, Healthy Relationships, and LGBTQ+ Support. 

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In intimate relationships, we tend to replicate what we have experienced in other important relationships in our lives. I work with intimate partners to recognize these patterns, as well as expand the skills, knowledge, understanding, and capacity for choice that we have in our relationships. Our intimate relationships can be the most healing with the right tools! 

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Working with your Trauma


I am passionate about walking alongside you through the exploration of trauma and how it impacts your life. We will take your experiences, explore how they shaped some parts of you, and bring compassionate understanding to them, as well as empower you in your choices and help you feel like your behaviors and thoughts are assisting you to be your best self.

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  I love working with teens because adolescence is such an incredible, confusing time of breaking out of childhood and breaking in to your own adult person. It is so easy as a teenager to believe negative things about yourself or feel like you're "not normal," so I love being able to normalize my clients' experiences and help them cultivate their own sense of self-compassion. Self-compassion serves as the base for all of the other tools we'll learn together.  

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