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Amanda M. Caps counseling therapy for teens and adults grief and loss women lost of a pregnancy baby

Amanda M. Caps, LMHCA


I am a psychotherapist and EMDR clinician for teens, couples, and adults. I support teens through the transitions and changes this age involves. I guide couples to reengage and connect. I work with women through life changes and with grief and loss after miscarriage. 

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Teens and their families

I greatly enjoy working with teens in the midst of transformation from childhood to adulthood. Their mixture of mature and immature perspectives creates a unique worldview. I appreciate this vulnerable age and empathize both with the teen transitioning through this confusing state and the loss and frustration parents feel. This is a crucial time for building resilience and self-confidence.  Sometimes teens need to hear that they are okay, normal, and doing their best from an unbiased third party. Most teens struggle with feelings of belonging and fitting in. Added pressure of social media and overloaded schedules contribute to a sense beliefs of  “I’m not good enough, smart enough, athletic enough, thin enough, outgoing enough, happy enough, etc.” cycle. I meet my clients where they are and explore with them their believes, guide towards tools such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) to challenge negative beliefs, Mindfulness, and others. to reframe the client’s perception of the situation to build a tool kit that the client can use for the rest of their life. 


Grief after miscarriage

The  roller coaster of emotions  - from deep sadness to total numbness.  The potential that is no longer... And the wanting... I understand and support you through.   

There is nothing more painful than the loss of a child. Infertility, pregnancy loss, recurrent miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal loss compound and complicate this grief because the story that was started once a couple decided they are ready to begin trying to conceive is forever interrupted and is left incomplete. The anticipation, the hope and the dreams, all the feelings associated in that beginning have nowhere to go. 

I offer you a safe space to grieve, rage, and mourn without judgement or expectation. Your feelings are real and valid. I offer you a space to take care of yourself.



When we choose to share our life, space, and time, it felt hopeful. Creating and maintaining a relationship means that each of partner brings their history, family. culture, and assumptions on what makes a ‘good’ relationship into creating this new relationship, where we merge and create an entirely new way to live, love, and grow within. This involves compromise, trust, and work.  There are no rules or limits to relationships beyond what is acceptable to both partners.

Communication is key and is often at the center of relationship problems. Some level of conflict is normal within a relationship, it’s how the conflict is handled between the partners that matters. I offer couples judgement-free room to navigate this uncomfortable space between unmet needs and expectations to create space in the relationship for increased strength and hope. I utilize science based research to provide a new perspective on looking at the ‘same old’ problems in a couple’s relationship.

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